Panic Disorder

   Panic Disorder is the state in which a person feels severe fear and thinks the threat of death.Most of them go to hospital and receive many kinds of examinations, doctors cannot find objective causes、though.. Panic Disorder was defined in America. Japanese doctors study papers from U.S.A. and they do not doubt the mechanism and the treatment of Panic Disorder.

   Many American doctors think the cause of Panic Disorder is the disturbance of conductive substants in synapses of neuron. But they also recognize the cases about which they can not consider the first origin of conductive substants. I studied a lot from the children of schoolphobia, and recognized the mechanism of psychic trauma. From the knowledge of bioneurology psychic trauma disturbs the conductive substants in synapse of neuron. Almost very state of Panic Disorder is expained with the psychic trauma. From these reasons I recomend to think about the psychic trauma to the person who is suffering from Panic Disorder.

  It is true that Panic Disorder is the state in which Psychic Trauma works.